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How Marketing Automation Tools Improve Your Sales Process

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Enter email addresses, write sales pitch, send, record responses. Enter email addresses, write sales pitch, send, record responses. Repeat this until your marketing campaign is over or until you realize your competitor has stolen your client, whichever comes first.

Manual marketing strategies are outdated and can create a loss in sales rather than improve your sales process. Not only are they outdated, they take way too long and can be inefficient, no matter how great with technology you may be.

Marketing automation tools streamline duties that were once manual. Kind of like when you once had to send the same text twenty times, to different friends, because there was no way to send a group text. This took over an hour to complete and left you feeling frustrated.

Then group texting came along and bam, you were able to send the same text to twenty different people in less than a minute.

With marketing automation tools, your sales process can improve, making you a leader in your industry. Listed below are more ways you can improve with the use of automation.

Faster Response Time

Customers want to hear from you as soon as possible, like yesterday. Whether good or bad, people today lack patience when trying to obtain customer service.

With marketing automation tools, you can give your clients the immediate feedback they desire.

When you get a lead, it’s important you jump on that lead as soon as possible. Studies have shown that customers tend to go with the company that responds first, even if it is not necessarily the best company.

Automation tools can send a quick response to clients and potential clients. Even if you can’t contact them right away, your automated message can give them a response letting them know when you will be in touch.

Clients are not left waiting and wondering when they will be contacted.

Get Better Customer Feedback

If someone clicks on your site and then bounces, don’t you want to know why? Well, with marketing automation tools, you can get that answer. You may even be able to turn a bouncer into a buyer.

Let’s say you are selling mattresses. Your automation tool alerts you to someone visiting your site. It can even tell you which mattress they are checking out the most. They are interested enough to give you their email address.

Then, suddenly, they are gone. If they haven’t returned in a day or so, your automated tools can send this person a message, reminding them of the great offer on the mattress of their choice. It can also ask for their direct feedback on the products, services, and prices.

By communicating with them and appreciating their feedback, you are building trust. This can turn someone into a loyal customer over time.

Manage Marketing Efforts

In one week, you may receive an email, flyer, and even a text message from a company with which you do business. Company’s like Sprint, DirecTV and Dish Network employee these tactics. They take every opportunity to remind you about their great discount offers.

Marketing automation tools make this sales process easy. You can schedule messages in advance. Meaning, while you take that vacation to the beach, emails and texts will still be sent to your customers and leads on the days and times you assign.

You can create one ad campaign but send it out at various dates and times.

Work Anytime, From Anywhere

You can continue being a lead sales generator even when you are not in the office. Marketing automation tools allow you to be present, even when you are not.

You can communicate with clients soon after you receive their message, making them feel important with your quick response. You can review your data in the middle of the night if you find yourself unable to sleep and wondering how many leads you generated that day.

You can even review which marketing channels are working and which should be thrown in the virtual recycle bin. And you can do this sitting at your desk or sitting at a restaurant.

Marketing automation tools allow you to decide when and where you work.

Build Customer Profiles

When you manually enter data into your spreadsheet about your customers or potential customers, you jot down a few notes. You are mainly concerned with contact information such as name and email. Occasionally you add information in the “other” section to help you remember stand out data.

With marketing automation tools, you can build a customer profile on everyone you enter into the database. You can then implement customer relationship management techniques that help you respond to customers with the intent of creating a long-term association.

Being able to pull up a customer profile can help you track what efforts you have made to date to generate sales and what techniques you have yet to try. Then you can create and schedule those new techniques to send and connect with your client.

Marketing automation tools can do even more for your sales process that what is listed here. It allows you to schedule social media posts, create and run webinars and even send pre-recorded voice mails to clients. Pretty cool!

Some can walk you through the process of creating landing pages where you can sell a product or service. And to top that, automation tools can fulfill your ecommerce needs, from setting up shopping carts to accepting payments.

Using marketing automation tools improve conversion rates. They also improve the number of emails or texts that are opened by your clients. In addition, automation tools improve how your clients feel, valued and worthy.

They improve your ability to grow as a company and continue to meet the needs of your much large customer base. Marketing automation tools enhance your ability to turn a customer into a repeat customer. And to implement reselling, upselling and cross-selling techniques with the same customer.

Most noted, automation tools will improve your sales process.

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