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The big way you're silently sabotaging yourself

I’d argue that it’s not what we do, it’s HOW we do it that influences our outcomes.

You ever go to a meeting or a party after you’ve had a bad day? Did you let your bad day come to the party with you?

How’d that go for you?

Not so good, right?

You didn't make any new fans at that shindig did you?

Why? Because you "showed up" to that party with a cloak of darkness around your shoulders.

People felt it as soon as you walked in, no matter how hard you were trying to hide it.

The other option you had was to transcend your circumstances of the day and show up as your best and true self.

This isn't easy to do. It's really hard and it takes practice.

Mastering our mind is the greatest challenge we have as entrepreneurs, as parents, and generally as people.

Who are you going to BE this year?

What are you going to CHANGE?

What WON’T you do this year? (This is a BIG one)

These are better questions to ask that help us get to the results that we want.

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